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After The Pause
In This Place Where Life Returns~ Dec. 2014(page 29)

Behemoth Review

Oh My God ~  July 2014

Beorh Weekly
Delilah ~ May 2015
Alexander's Well ~ May 20015
Gullah ~ May 2015

Burningword Literary Journal
Cutfinger -  Fall 2014

Calliope Magazine​​​
Unraptured ~ March 2015 (page 5)

Century 121
Fract ~ Feb 2015
A More Radiant Complexity ~ Feb 2015

Cobalt Review
A Peruvian Priest In Kansas ~  March 2013
A Penguin's Lament ~ March 2013

Coe Review
Marthy Canary​​​ ~ 2016

Dowsing For Aquifers  ~  Feb 2013

The Moonshiner's Prayer ~ Nov 2014

Cowboy Poetry Press
Apache ~ October 2013
~ October 2013

Degenerates: Voices for Peace
in a world of burning bridges 2015 Issue Page 39 
Daddy Dearest ~  Featured Poem May 2015
Scars & Empty Vases ~ 2015 Issue Page 43​​​​​

EcoTheo Review
Prairie Aubade ~ March 2016

Every Day Poems
Tulips In Snowmelt ~ Jan 2015

Every Writer
Tulips In Snowmelt ~ Nov 2014

Four Way  Review
Hook Echoes ~ Jan 2013
Arachnid~ June 2012
Creation~ June 2012
Purgatory~ June 2012

Grawlix Poetry
A Touchy Fili ~ June 2012
Incompatible Propagations ~ June 2012
Scars ~ June 2012

Guernica Magazine
The Moonshiner's Prayer ~ Feb 2014

Desert Encore ~  July 2014

HEArt Online
Why You did this to Me? ~ July 2014

here/there: poetry
Divorce ~ March 2016

H.O.D. (A Handful of Dust)
Beneath El Capitán ~ June 2012 page 17

Indiana Voice Journal
Jubilee ~ April 2015
Polished Stones ~ April 2015)
Pausing For Rainbows ~ April 2015

Rapunzel's Loft ~ Feb 2013

Kaleidoscope Magazine
Threshold ~ (forthcoming 2016)​​​

Little River
Annie Sure Shot ~ May 2015
Squall Lines ~ May 2015​​​​

MadHat Lit
Distorted Prominence ~ February 2014
Alexander's Well ~February 2014

Masque And Spectacle
Bring Me My Sheaves ~ March, 2015
Captain Butler & Annie Sure Shot ~ March 2015

Minotaur's Spotlight
The Electorate ~  Nov 2014

MOJO/Mikrokosmos Literary Journal
Scars & Empty Vases~ Page 44 Issue 02 (May 2012)

The Trail of Tears ~ 2014
Mother Corn ~ 2014
Nez Perce ~ 2014
The Apache ~ 2014
Bearmeat Corners ~ 2014
Pausing For Rainbows ~ 2014

New Plains Review
Nez Perce ~ May 2013

99 Pine Street
A Gray Space ~ Feb 2015

​​Palettes & Quills
Chocolate ~ Dec 2014 (page 6)

Poetry Super Highway
"Why You Did This To Me?" ~ 2015

Poppy Road Review
A Touch of Redbud ~ Feb 2013
The Third Hand
~ Feb 2013

​​Portland Review
Our Fortieth Anniversary ~ March 2016

Randomly Accessed Poetics
Cutfinger ~ July 2015

Rasputin: A Poetry Thread
Cautiously Pessimistic May 2015
Scars & Empty VasesMay 2015​​​​
MethMay 2015

Rattle: Poets Respond
The Electorate ~ Nov 2014

Red Earth Review
Where I'm From ~ Sept 2014 (page 159)

Shammonrock Haiku Journal
(Two Haiku Poems) 2016​ ​​

Sidereal Journal
Nephilim & Fishers March 2015​​​

Slice Magazine
Trigger ~ Issue #17
A Fiddle Tune For Destiny ~ Issue #17

Stemming Aspersions ~ 2016

Subprimal Poetry Art
Daddy Dearest May 2015​​​

The Bond Street Review
Rebecca~ Feb 2015 page 9
Amish~ Feb 2015 page 4
Charles Ingalls~ Feb 2015 page 12

The Broken City
Xmas ~ Dec 2014 (page 3)

The Curator
Scars & Empty Vases ~ March 2015​​
The Dandelion Farm Review
Polished Stones ~  2015
Tulips In Snowmelt ~ 2015

The Enchanting Verses Literary Review
Radiant Paths~ July 2012 page 7
Parched Flowers~ July 2012 page 7

The Freeman
In Retrospect ~ Oct 2014

The Knicknackery
Rapunzel ~ August 2014 (page 2)

The Literary Commune
There Won't Be Any People In Heaven ~ April 2015
Amnesty ~ April 2015

The Missing Of The Birds
Wind Chimes ~ Oct 2014
Tree Swing ~ Oct 2014
Amish ~ Oct 2014
Silt ~ Oct 2014

the museum of americana: a literary review
Annie Oakley & Captain Butler ~ Nov 2013

The Orange Room Review
Uncle Herman~ April 2012

The Stare's Nest
Jubilee ~ Feb 2015

The Shine Journal
Country Doctor ~ Winter 2014

The Summerset Review
Rough Rode ~ Dec 2014

The Whistling Fire
Yazoo~ Aug 2012

Turtle Island Quarterly
Pretzel Cabin ~ Nov 2014

Turtle Way Journal
Scars & Empty Vases ~ March 2016 
​ ​​​​
Up The River
Amish ~ May 2013
Squall Lines ~ May 2013
Verse Daily
Mississippi Crossing ~ Jan 2015

Poet On Cannabis ~  June 2015
Cerebral Kayak ~  June 2015
Magnum Opus In Blue ~  June 2015​​​​

I Plight Thee My Troth​ ~ May 2015
A Touch of Redbud ~ May 2015
Magnificent Deliverance ~ May 2015
Anonymous Soldiers ~ Featured Poem May 2015​​​

Al Heaton' Memoir~ Jan 2015

Veteran Stories
Albert Heaton Memoir ~ Dec 2014

Vinyl Poetry
Triple Crowned ~

Whirlwind Magazine
Scars & Empty Vases ~ Issue #3 Winter

A Chalk Drawing Before DyingDec 2014
Pata's Dementia ~ Dec 2014

Forthcoming and Recently Published
The Fire Within
       Poetry by Kevin Heaton